"I'll meet 'ya at the Ridge"

The 21st century grocery business is challenging for the small local market.  Whenever we can, we make every effort to keep our prices comparable to those of larger stores.  As we continue to learn more about our customers' needs, we expect the grocery area of The Ridge to grow and change.

Bakery.... In addition to the standard Pepperidge Farm fare, we work with local suppliers to provide fresh baked rolls and breads.  We are now baking our own (family recipe) Chocolate Chip Cookies and brownies. YUM!

Deli.... Our deli case is first rate..... wide selection of Boar's Head meats and and cheeses, and store made salads and soup.


Butcher.... Our selection of prime meats is small, but very high quality. Our New York Strip steak is a consistent barbeque success.

Grocery....Our grocery section includes all the basics.....bread, milk, eggs and whatever else you "just ran out of".  

Produce.... The produce case is focused on fresh items we use everyday.  If it's not on the shelf, we can sometimes supply what you need from our deli kitchen.

General Merchandise.... Think emergency supplies....basic drugstore items, batteries, motor oil, ice melt, cleaning and paper products.

Milk Shake of the Month... We come up with delicious new milk shakes once a month made with Bucks French Ice Cream

If we don't have what you need, please tell us, so we can work on bringing it in.